Aqua-Loc Water Demand Management System


  • Our box is a fully sealed housing with pop up lid.
  • Easy leak detection in one piece moulded housing.
  • Mud and roots contamination free. Repair and replacement of all component are done IN-situ, using unique non-standard tools.
  • Fundamental product that is easily upgraded from basic management (no meter) to 15mm or 20mm meter with/without flow regulating device.
  • Upgradable for automatic meter reading as and when required.
  • Pressure management with IFRD flow regulating device. Dual Housing available offer costs savings in product and installation.

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Econobox & Meter

  • Our one piece molded box provides strength and leak detection in sealed housing.
  • Isolated locking device prevents the ingress of dirt into sealed meter box.
  • Hinge protection to prevent the lid breaking when opened.
  • Isolating valve allows for the In-situ, repair and installation of 165mm meter body.
  • Box design accommodates ground level and “above-ground”installation.
  • Standard 20mm straight fit or 45 degree compression fitting.




Aqua-Loc Community Standpipe

Typical installation illustration: standpipe installed complete with concrete ring grave for the control spilled water. Robust construction.

  • Mechanical components only.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Improved standpipe functionality.
  • Field maintenance simple and quick.
  • Water only dispensed when some depresses the lever.
  • Clean and dry environment as the porous gravel assist with drainage.
  • Pressure management is possible if used in conjunction with the aqua-loc WDMS (water demand management system).



 Intelligent Flow Regulating Device

I.F.R.D – Optional management capabilities with metering with fully SABS Approved 1,5m3 /h (15mm) and 2,5m3 /h (20mm) class c with pulse output.

  • IFRD and Blanking Plug (No meter).10
  • IFRD is available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 15 litres per minute and easily upgraded in a two minute exercise.
  • Metering option is a huge cost saving when not billing the consumer.
  • IFRD – Unique water savings device which can maintain a constant flow irrespective of variable water pressures.
  • IFRD is SABS Approved
  • Credit management allowable under 10l per minute.
  • No influencing of the meter due to the unique configuration with IFRD after the meter.












13Aqualoc WDM Meter Features & Specifications

  • Meter Box has a 50 year lifespan with a 1.8 ton load bearing capacity
  • Fully upgradable and serviceable in-situ resulting in very low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Fully upgradeable from Non-metered Flow regulated device to Electronic Flow Controller with Automatic Meter Reading(AMR)
  • In-house Customer Interface Unit displaying total consumption, allocation, remaining allocation, Alarms – Leaks and Tampering
  • Multi-jet Inferential meter is Class C type  which is highly resistant to clogging
  •  Meter is SABS approved and verified in SANAS approved laboratory to SANS  1529-1 specification
  • Multiple options for AMR protocols – OMS or RealData (proprietary)
  • Open Metering Systems (OMS) protocol for effective non-proprietary communications.
  • OMS optimized for extended battery life, longer range, two- way communications and seamless integration with OMS Compliant data networks
  • Optional Software as a Service portal (IZAR Plus) for effective management, monitoring and optimization of all utility energy data
  • AMR Radio Battery Life  between 10-15years
  • Battery Life on EFC  between 3-8 years
  • Encrypted AMR Data can be relayed directly to Client without any Third Party interfacing
  • Integration possible on meter, concentrator or server level
  • Leakage, manipulation and reverse flow detection













Hydrus Ultrasonic Meter


Static ultrasonic water meter for accurate measuring and recording for all applications of water supply.


  • Real data communication, open metering telegramnewest
  • Long-term stability under difficult conditions
  • Unlimited system capability
  • Leak detection
  • Higher performance than class D requirements
  • No calming sections required
  • No measurement of air
  • Insensitive against sedimentation
  • Mounting in any installation position, battery life up to 16 years
  • Suitable for outdoor installation
  • Displaying of error and alarm codes
  • No over-run performance
  • No magnetic influence
  • Data logger for consumption values













Si3ngle-Jet Meter


For measuring consumption in apartments and buildings for billing purposes.


  • Single-jet impeller meter of fully dry-running design with magnetic coupling
  • Modularity with the HYDROMETER system world
  • Excellent starting flow rate
  • Low pressure loss
  • Installation position: horizontal, vertical, riser pipe, downpipe
  • Compact design
  • Rotatable1 counter
  • Shield against static magnetic fields according to VDDW standard and EN 14154
  • Working pressure 10 bar according to DIN 2401
  • Protection class IP 54





Izar Radio Compact Inductive


Compact radio module with inductive sensor for Deihl Metering modular meters.
Usable for optimum reading with difficult access.


  • Simple installation
  • Transmission of meter data by radio to mobile or stationary receivers
  • For Deihl Metering modular meters
  • Secured against magnetic manipulation
  • On-site-programming using IrDa interface
  • Battery powered with a lifetime of up to 15 years

8                                    9