About Us

We are fully versed with Body Corporates and how they operate and when there are not individual meters that water/sewage and availability charges are all done on PQ. This entails a lot of cross subsidising amongst all the units.

We do have a fully-fledged automated system which can provide a holistic and dynamic solution, as simply installing water meters is not what we do, nor is it a solution to the Body Corporates.

We provide a Water Management Solution so that the Body Corporates can manage this budgetary item properly and comprehensively as this item is about 20 to35% of the total budget of the Body Corporate.

We focus on the implementation of integrated modern metering systems to aid in Water Demand Management.
We understand that water is a precious resource and have focused on securing solutions that will help individuals, body corporates and municipalities manage this resource to minimize wastage.
To this end, we have aligned ourselves with companies that have actively participated in research dealing with the specific needs and challenges facing Water Demand Management in Africa.
We make use of state of the art, high quality, German technology components in our Water Management Systems, while at the same time focusing on offering our clients low maintenance, “Keep It Simple” product.
Our products are further designed to offer our users with flexibility relating to the incorporation of the latest technology over the duration of the lifespan of the product.
We are positive that we can offer a simplistic, cost-effective solution, that accommodates all scenarios of application, from rural to sophisticated high-tech environments.